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Ivano-Frankivsk city
Sichovyh Strilziv, 42A st.


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Interior decoration in our salon of the erotic massage "Kitsyunya" contributes to your complete relaxation and adjusts for fun. Our interior is made in Ukrainian style. It completely will set you up for a session of erotic massage. We use only organic matter that will be pleasing to the touch. After all the linen and heavy portieres, influence rest and a relax.

The lighting in our salon is designed to create an atmosphere of trust between the guest and the masseuse. We are happy to do everything to make you like our massage salon. The original interior - is only one way to relax and spend a wonderful time with beautiful girls. An unforgettable holiday - it is not something that should just dream about. You need to enjoy it from the heart, without wasting time for nothing! Are you ready for a first-class recreation of body and soul? We are waiting for you in the salon of erotic massage " Kitsyunya ".