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Ivano-Frankivsk city
Sichovyh Strilziv, 42A st.


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Height: 170

Weight: 50

Bust: 3

Age: 22

Slender, graceful and intractable Kitty. The tireless playful kitty is behind bewitching appearance. This girl will strike you on the spot at first sight, and having tried…


Height: 169

Weight: 46

Bust: 2

Age: 19

She is young, gentle and direct. Annis the embodiment of feminity. Soft and smooth outlines of her body as if a magnet, attract a look. Same soft…


Height: 178

Weight: 55

Bust: 3

Age: 22

Magic, harmonious, graceful and very dishy girl! Our girl is the real expert of erotic massage. She perfectly knows a set of techniques of erotic massage. She…


Height: 173

Weight: 50

Bust: 3

Age: 24

Her gait graceful, she same gentle and fluffy, as kitten. But also this kitty isn't so simple! She will subdue you not only beauty, but also intelligence!…


Height: 171

Weight: 54

Bust: 4

Age: 25

Girl riddle! Long since it is considered that so attracts nothing in the girl as a riddle. Something novel and attracting is put in this masseur. She…


Height: 168

Weight: 47

Bust: 2

Age: 21

This girl constant stream of emotions! She isunpredictable! You never know whatto wait from her! A session with her as descent from the mountain river. And still…


Height: 170

Weight: 52

Bust: 3

Age: 23

Coquettish, modest, but very crown girlOlya will turn your consciousness! Such as her, it is difficult to find! Magic hands of this kitty work wonders! Erotic massage…

Our charming girls in a moment will change your state of mind and will make it especially relaxing and freeing from all worries as physically, and spiritually. The staff of our salon pays great attention to each detail of customers comfort, enabling them to forget about things and really relax. We are glad to see you constantly, day and night, and any day of the week. Beautiful relaxing massage will give you a deep relaxation throughout the body, pleasure and enhance your health!