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боди массаж

Body massage in the salon of erotic massage “Kitsyunya”


We have for you a wonderful offer! We offer you the best rest in the salon of erotic massage. For citizens of Ivano-Frankivsk and its visitors, we pleased to inform that, soon we open a new salon of erotic massage “Kitsyunya”. The most spreader service of the salon is body massage. If you have never tried such a rest, choose a massage complex for yourself, run like hell, and visit us. A better drop everything and come to us right now.
Here, you can enjoy the life to the fullest with our kitties. Gentle and careful hands of our purr kitties will force you to forget about all problems and to enjoy the massage. Let yourself, your mind and body to relax and to fulfill itself with the warmth.
Our sweetie-kitties will give you such pleasure that you will be just carried away by a pleasure hurricane. Our girls are able to make many things, and precisely know, how to surprise you, and therefore we have a big list of services, which we can offer you. Have you ever had an erotic massage? And do you want to know how our sweetie-kitties do it?
Everything is happens in such way… The Kitty will massage you from top to toe! Our kitties are very sensitive; each of them can find the most sensitive and piquant zone of your body and pay it special attention! She will spread you with aroma oil and will slide her soft body on you! You can feel it with every cell of your body. Did you imagine this picture? Moreover, it’s only a few words and the play of the imagination! Body massage in the salon of erotic massage “Kitsyunya” is waiting for you! Stop fantasizing, and come in “Kitsyunya”! We will be glad to meet you! And we are sure that our girls will not leave you indifferent! You will no longer able to deny this pleasure to yourself!