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Ivano-Frankivsk city
Sichovyh Strilziv, 42A st.


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Salon of erotic massage


One of the most unusual salons of Ivano-Frankivsk is a salon of erotic massage “Kitsyunya”.
Our kitty- girls are waiting for guests. The Ukrainian flavor, the relaxing atmosphere, gentle and tender kitties who are ready for a meeting with you. They prepared many interesting games of which you only dreamed earlier.
Our kitty- girls will make your life much more pleasant and brighter! You even did not imagine what is waiting for you in our salon of massage! Open a veil and we will open for you the unique world of pleasure and bliss! Come to our salon of erotic massage! Here our little kitties will meet you! You can select each of them! Each of them is charming and unique! Moreover, do you know which one is suited to you? When you see them, for sure, you will want to have a lark with each of them. They are ready to turn into reality every your whim and a wish.
They are different soft, gentle, tender, playful, artful, and unapproachable. Is it difficult to decide which one … Do not worry!
Having visited at just once, you won’t be able to refuse to yourself in such fantastic pleasure anymore … Having come back home, the purr of our kitty will live your head!
Feel yourself a tomcat with the service of the same name! You will lounge in a caress of our kitty! At the same time, you will be able to show her how tender can be you!
If you more spoiled, you will be able to have a lark!
However, be careful as such game, will carry away and it will be difficult to stop! And it is yet not all range of services! Don’t forget to visit our salon of erotic massage “Kitsyunya”!
Our door is always open for you! At any time! The salon of erotic massage “Kitsyunya” works round the clock! Don’t lose this fine and unusual pleasure!
Our kitties are waiting for YOU!