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Relaxing massage in the salon of erotic massage


Did you get tired of a long working day and are you searching the method to relax, but you haven’t idea how. Moreover, this is so needed for you now, because very soon the world will lose all paints for you. Then a relaxing massage will be a real salvation for you.

The competent, professional, relaxing massage will improve circulation of blood in the muscles and skin, will take off a fatigue, tension, which arise up even during sedentary work. As a result, you’ll feel a surge of strength, cheerfulness, energy and great improvement in health and mood.

A pleasant and friendly atmosphere waits for you in our salon “Kitsyunya”. From the first minutes, you will plunge into a mysterious atmosphere that is full of gentle caresses and feminine charm. And our seductive and skillful girls help you to fully relax, give pleasure and ocean of bright emotions. With their help, you’ll forget about your urgent worries and troubles and will dip in the fairy tale atmosphere of relaxation.

A relaxing massage is a complex of specific massage techniques: stroking, rubbing, kneading and vibration, which are performed on the nerve endings of the guest’s body. All of this promote to the rest, relaxation and even the whole enchanting spectacle of incredible, fantastic sensations. Our divine and refined girls will affect all cells of your body and not one millimeter won’t remain without their close attention. And if you visit us once, you won’t able to forget the gentle, skillful and affectionate handles of our charming masseuses. You will want to come to us again, and we will wait for you.

Our salon “Kitsyunya” is a peculiar temple of relaxing and enjoyment, in which all your secrets are carefully kept. All of them will remain inaccessible for prying eyes. And besides that our girls have a dazzling beauty, they are also the real professionals in their business. The girls know all details of conducting of relaxing erotic massage.

Subtleties of conducting of relaxing massage

A relaxing massage is carried out with the purpose to relieve fatigue, stress, tension, to relax muscles, soothe the person during the depression. And it is performed by the use of several basic massage techniques: stroking, rubbing, kneading and vibration.

The procedure begins with easy stroking, which in the course of time pass into strong movements, possessing a tonic effect. Then seductive masseuse begins the second stage of massage treatments – rubbing. During this stage, the masseuse kneads your back, shoulders, and neck.

The next step is kneading. Such reception has a positive effect on muscles, leads them into the tone and is carried out by several methods. The first method is kneading guest’s body by fingertips. The second technique is so-called large kneading, which a masseuse conducts squeezing a hand in a fist. And at the same time, she controls the force pressing because the massage should not take the pain.

Another technique is a vibration, thanks to which the body completely relaxes. A vibration reaches muscles, tissues and even internal organs, therefore, it’s a very useful for health. The whole procedure is finished by light, pleasant and smooth strokes. At the end, you’ll feel as the feeling of relaxation covers you. Also, for that you’ll easy and quickly plunge into the world of relax, our charming girl will create a necessary atmosphere – she will dim the lights, light candles and smear you aromatic cosmetic oil.

A relaxing massage from our salon “Kitsyunya” is an excellent way to relax the body with maximum benefit for it. Come to us and present to yourself a pleasure!