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Ivano-Frankivsk city
Sichovyh Strilziv, 42A st.


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  • Classic massage,
  • Body massage,
  • “Sakura branch”.

Naughty Kitty was peppered for you an unforgettable game! Do you want to play? The rules are very simple. You just need to come to kitty and to get an unforgettable pleasure. 

A relaxing massage will help you to prepare yourself for the game and then kitty with her round buttocks, sensitive breasts and her belly will anoint your hot body with the oil, and it will prepare you for the next step.

Delicate and graceful Kitty touches of whom, as the easy as a breath of wind, will help you to open new feelings from her passionate lips and a uvula. But be careful – the kitty has sharp teeth.